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From Wife to Widow

What I know Now

     From the moment we say “I do” in the wedding ceremony, we know that one will pass on first and leave the other. “Until death do us part” seems so far away that we cannot comprehend the meaning.


     When my husband was still alive we were headed on a journey that only one would complete. This book is about the pain of separation while dealing with everyday life that continues on after the death of a spouse.


     Full of practical wisdom, bad decisions, the struggle through financial hurdles, and faith, this book is a must read for older couples and widows and widowers. This book will also give insight to grown children so they know what their mother or father is experiencing after their loved one has died.

     We have been changed, but we can live good, useful, and even happy lives afterward. I am telling my story in the hope that in some way it can help others. This book reflects a small portion of what I know now.

Beyond the Grave

A Christian Dilemma


     What happens to our bodies and souls when we die presents the biggest dilemma that Christians face. It would appear to be simple, but it is far from that. In addition to the Bible, Christians have incorporated theology, cultural beliefs, songs, movies and mysticism into what is believed about heaven and hell.

     We are reading the same Bible, but what we accept as truth varies from one church to another, from one person to another, and from one generation to another.  

     This book is written in a conversational style by a church secretary. It has a little bit of humor, and a whole lot of scripture thrown in. You will discover 5 commonly held beliefs about death, and 5 distinct beliefs about hell. You will learn that Christian theology about what happens after death continues to change. You will be challenged to fire the devil.

     Most of all, this book will give you hope and help you come to terms with death and dying. You will find God’s love spread throughout these pages.

New Book Published  January 2020
From Wife to Widow:
What I Know Now! 
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