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The Biblical Marriage Myth: The Devil Comes Calling

Complementarians say that women are consorting with the Devil when they do not submit to their husbands because they have stepped out of their complementary role. According to complementarians, women should not have careers or work paying jobs outside the home because by doing so they are neglecting their families and this is what the Devil wants.

This book refutes those accusations by using scripture, by outlining the damage this causes, and just plain common sense

                                                  The Power of a Book : The Street Evangelist

“What does a street evangelist do?” In the years since I have self-proclaimed myself to be a Street Evangelist, that is what people want to know. The answer is simple: “I talk with people.”

This book is a collection of my conversations with people, planting the seed of full equality for women in the church and in the home. I have placed in the hands of people hundreds of the books I have written advocating for equality for women in the church and in the home.

This is how and why I did it.

Raising the Hood: A Christian Look at Manhood and Womanhood

Biblical manhood and womanhood are code words meaning that men are to rule the church, their house, their wife, and their family. We are not First Century people and we cannot be held to those restrictions of male hierarchy.

So here we are today with seminars, blogs, books, movies, sermons, discussions, Bible studies, etc., extolling God’s so-called grand design of manhood and womanhood.

Outside the church, Monday through Saturday, women are equal. How long do you think it will be before women decide that they are also equal on Sunday and in their own homes?

My name is Shirley Taylor and I call myself the street evangelist for women’s equality. I am a Christian blogger for women’s equality. From the blog to the book, “Raising the Hood” is a compilation of my blogs, and picks up after “Women Equal – No Buts.”

Dethroning Male Headship

The issues of women's equaity and male headship continue to divide the Christian community today, making Dethroning Male Headship a more relevant book than ever before.  The demand for female submission restricts women to limited roles in church and home - a growing and increasingly more dominant theme among Evangelicals.

This book is a call to action which lays the Biblical foundation for women's equality, exposes the myth of biblical gender roles, and dives headlong into a challenge of male headship teachings.  Finally, the book leads readers to understand why they must, and how they can, dethrone the abusive doctrines of male headship.


The author speaks from her fifty years of experience as a Baptist, writing to both men and women of all Faiths.


Women equal Book.jpg

Women Equal – No Buts: Powered by the same Source

From the blog to the book, with humor and righteous outrage, Shirley Taylor gives you a look at leadership roles for today’s Christian women. Women are told they are equal-but they have different functions. That theology is not found in the bible, but it determines the roles women are allowed in the church, and even extends inside their own homes. We know women have different functions, but whether or not they lift the lid is not a spiritual function, and should not be the criteria for leadership roles.

The church, which should have been the first to recognize women’s equality, has proven to be the last holdout against women. Women are beginning to question this theology. This book gives insight to what pastors are saying about women and what they are preaching on Sunday morning. It calls them to account for their teaching. It also calls women to account for neglecting their responsibility to themselves, and to their daughters, and to other women. You will be challenged to get off your equal-but and speak up and do something. Men will be challenged to take their place alongside women, not in front of women.

Originally written as blog posts on, the content has been edited, updated, expanded, and revised. This book is written for Christians, but anyone who has a sense of justice will be outraged at what Christians are doing to each other when they deny women full equality in the church and in the home.


How bWe Baptist Women for Equality is dethroningheadship

In Dethroning Male Headship, Shirley Taylor explains egalitarianism means women and men are created “equal—no buts” and have no pre-assigned “roles of authority or submission" based on gender. […] Taylor provides numerous scriptural references, including passages not only to specific women but also to the Ten Commandments and the Apostle Paul’s teachings.

Kathy Robinson Hillman, First Vice President, Baptist General Convention of Texas (later President)



This is one of the best books I have read in a long time defining the true meaning of headship is vital to Christ centeredness, the oneness of the body and proper spiritual maturity.

An Avid Reader



Shirley Taylor writes with an insight and clarity that often eludes others with compelling style. She builds each case with plenty of details and references, then the reiteration at the end provides a great summary. While this is a very contentious subject, she has met it head on and provides a convincing argument that scripture has been misinterpreted or even distorted to maintain the status quo and male authority over women.

Sharon Martin



This book is prophetic in its intensity and message. The author names names and groups that contribute to holding down Christian women from being all they can be in Christ and calls on those names and groups to repent.  Furthermore, she gives concrete ideas on actions to take to combat this sin in the church today.

Donald Byron Johnson



Shirley's book demonstrates that the only means by which the complementarians really have to run back to Adam comes through legalism, condemnation, manipulation, and control - all while they call it love and God's divine order.

Cynthia Kunsman



Shirley Taylor shows how the husband authority teaching not only distorts marriage, but also makes marriage the instrument of salvation and elevates husbands to being divinity.  Unbelievable as it sounds when stated without explanation in a review, this IS what husband-authority preachers are teaching.

Waneta Dawn


In an age of declining church membership and influence, human trafficking, pornography and other social ills, it is sinful for the church to focus on male dominance over females. And she makes a powerful case.  And throughout the book she makes points that I've never heard anyone make before- but they make a lot of sense!  She does it all in an interesting, inspiring style. Dethroning Male Headship is an important addition to the fight for Biblical equality.
Greg Hahn



     [Concerning Taylor's book, Women Equal- No Buts] I could not put the book down. Shirley Taylor names names. She knows her bible well, and her theology is well informed. This book is so accessible and home-spun you might not immediately recognize it is a serious book about a serious topic. This book will make you think and make you laugh out loud. No 'buts' about it. I highly recommend it.

Ann Bayliss, Pulpit Minister, Heights Church of Christ

     [Concerning  Taylor's book, Outside the Pastor's Door]  I just picked up your book in the "new book" section of the library and am so enjoying it! I think it was another "God-incidence" as I have been asked to do a break-out session on good inspirational reads this weekend at our retreat.  I will definitely be including your book.

Judy Staley


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