Enter your story

We want to hear your story of how male headship, patriarchy, or male leadership has affected you in church, in your home, or in society and work in general.

Guidelines for stories
  1. It must be a personal story

  2. The story must be told without using real names of people

  3. The story can be told by using relationship to you

  4. The oral story must adhere to the submitted written story

  5. Language must be appropriate

By submitting your story, you agree:
  1. Stories must be submitted via email to Shirley Taylor.

  2. Stories cannot be expected to be verified for accuracy.

  3. Stories must be no longer than 3 minutes when told or read orally.

  4. By submitting your stories you give permission for the story to be used in the Reclaiming Equality Retreat and for use in advertising.

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