Reclaiming Equality Retreat

A plan to reclaim women's equality in the church and in the home

Registration begins January 7, 2017

Based on Raising the Hood: A Christian Look at Manhood and Womanhood

  • Raising the Hood: A Christian Look at Manhood and Womanhood (book)

  • Reclaiming Equality Student Book presented by Session Leaders to be announced 

  • Refreshments

Christians are of two minds. That comes as no surprise to us because we see all around us churches of various denominations and beliefs. We are divided in many ways doctrinally, but the biggest division among Christians is regarding women’s places in those churches and in their own homes.


This division can be identified as: 1) those who believe women are equal in duties and responsibilities in church and home; 2) and those who believe that women are not equal, and are to have certain so-called ‘roles’ that define them in both church and home. There are various degrees of what a church or denomination believes and practices. However, when “equal” is qualified in any way, women become unequal in whatever way a religion decides to define it. Get involved! Learn what you can do to Reclaim Equality!

$20 per person

Included in price

Retreat is non-tax-deductible 

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